Around the world in 90 Minutes: a comparative view of shareholder and joint venture disputes through the English lens

5 Jun
16:00 - 17:30

Jurisdictions and global issues
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Regardless of jurisdiction, a shareholder or joint venture relationship is like a marriage. The stakeholders are intertwined in so many ways and disputes are hence likely to be lengthy, complex and acrimonious. In this session, we will compare the approaches by different jurisdictions towards the resolution of shareholder and joint venture disputes.

Some questions which the panel will consider:

• Is there a one-size-fits-all approach towards handling such disputes across different jurisdictions?
• What part do different cultures and business customs play in resolving international disputes?
• What makes the English courts and English law uniquely positioned for such disputes – if at all?

This session will be a practical one which will examine strategies and tips on successfully handling shareholder and joint venture disputes across various jurisdictions. The panel will comprise practitioners and experts with extensive experience gained in London, East Europe, South-East Asia, East Asia, India and the FSU.


  • Yuankai Lin - RPC Singapore
  • Tatiana Minaeva - RPC London
  • Karishma Vora - 39 Essex
  • David Dearman - Ankura
  • Hannah Fry - 39 Essex


  • RPC
  • 39 Essex Chambers
  • Ankura