Pulling crypto out of the shadows: What exactly is it, how do you find it and how to enforce against it?

6 Jun
16:00 - 17:30

Crypto, NFT and blockchain disputes
Fraud & Asset Recovery
Member Hosted Events

A session on crypto currencies and fraud:  how to find, secure and recover it.  The panel will comprise Steptoe lawyers with first-hand knowledge of disputes involving crypto and representing crypto-focused clients, along with consultants from J.S. Held who have experience in crypto recovery and enforcement; and a specialist crypto tracing firm Hoptrail.

- What is crypto? A crash course for beginners on what crypto is with the objective of leaving attendees with bitesize and easily understandable take-aways on the basics of crypto, blockchain etc.

- How do you find crypto? An overview from the panellists on the tools available to track down crypto, whether following the theft of a client’s crypto or learning, for example, of a judgment debtor owning crypto which needs to be identified for judgment enforcement purposes.

- How to enforce against crypto?  In 2018 Steptoe obtained one of the first ever and most notable freezing orders in respect of crypto.  We plan to give an overview of that case and what has happened in the crypto world before the courts since then.  We will also cover practical methods and first-hand experience on how to recover crypto (whether to be returned to the client or to be used in (part) payment of a judgment debt) once it has been found and secured.


  • Jonathon Egerton-Peters - Steptoe
  • Sebastian Neave - J.S. Held
  • Henry Burrows - Hoptrail


  • Steptoe International
  • J.S. Held
  • Hoptrail