Conquering Crypto: the Everest of Crypto Fraud

5 Jun
16:00 - 18:00

Fraud & Asset Recovery
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Over the past few years crypto fraud has experienced a concerning surge, propelled by the growing popularity and adoption of digital currencies. Malicious actors exploit vulnerabilities in decentralized systems, employing sophisticated phishing schemes, fake initial coin offerings (ICOs), and ransomware attacks to target unsuspecting investors. The anonymity associated with cryptocurrencies often makes it challenging to trace and prosecute perpetrators.


Join our expert panel in a live asset tracing investigation as they trek from base camp to the summit of recovery and discuss how to deal with the avalanches and blizzards that can arise to try to block your pathway to success. From the importance of early investigation to identifying targets and freezing / seizing assets along the way, the effect of intersection between criminal and civil proceedings to navigating jurisdictional issues, the panel will walk you through the tools you need to map your way to the summit and a successful recovery.


  • Rebecca Hume - Howard Kennedy
  • Joel Leigh - Howard Kennedy
  • Nikki Edwards - Howard Kennedy
  • Haydn Jones - Kroll
  • Andrew Stoneman - Kroll
  • Darragh Connell - Maitland Chambers


  • Howard Kennedy
  • Kroll

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