Digital crossroads pizza lunch: Navigating tech disputes between India and the UK

7 Jun
11:00 - 12:30

Technology disputes (including AI)
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Join us for a winning combination of pizza and tech!

1. Outsourcing dynamics: beyond traditional disputes - Exploring the evolving landscape of outsourcing disputes relating to third parties, emphasizing new challenges and strategies for resolution in the tech sector between India and the UK.
2. Start-up ecosystems: grounds of innovation and contention - Delving into the unique disputes arising within start-up environments, including founder disagreements and the impact on innovation, with a lens on the differing ecosystems of India and the UK.
3. Digital fraud and cyber enforcement: a new era of white-collar crime - Examining the emerging trends in fraud, focusing on the role of technology and cyber forensics in combating white collar crime, and how enforcement agencies in India and the UK are adapting.
4. Intellectual property and data protection: frontiers of the digital age - Discussing the increasing importance of IP and data protection in the tech sector, highlighting key disputes and the evolving legal landscape in both countries.
5. Cryptocurrencies: bridging or broadening the divide? - Investigating the controversies and legal challenges surrounding cryptocurrencies, their future in India, and considering how these digital assets are shaping financial disputes between India and the UK.


  • Kirtan Prasad - RPC
  • Chris Whitehouse - RPC
  • Sushmita Gandhi - IndusLaw
  • Amit Jajoo - IndusLaw
  • Amit Jaju - Ankura
  • Ryan Rubin - Ankura


  • RPC
  • Ankura
  • IndusLaw

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