Rebuilding Ukraine: making sanctioned individuals and rogue states pay using frozen and seized assets

5 Jun
18:30 - 21:30

Fraud & Asset Recovery
Member Hosted Events

At a time when the legal and political world is carefully considering the potential remedies available to unlock Russia’s frozen assets and support Ukraine, this timely panel will look in detail at the wide range of tools available to lawyers to help enforce awards against individuals or states that are subject to sanctions. 

The discussion will address how to navigate hurdles preventing enforcement, especially in complex disputes which are often geopolitically sensitive by using a range of tactics including:

(i) asset tracing investigations and intelligence-gathering,

(ii) geo-political insight and government relations campaigns, and

(iii) strategic communications, media relations, and influence campaigns.

The panel will also share their thoughts on how various ‘pressure points’ can be identified and leveraged to enhance the chances of making a sanctioned individual or state pay up.

Based on recent case studies the panelists have worked on and recent research produced by the Kyiv School of Economics Institute they will outline what steps have succeeded in ‘moving the dial’ in a range of complex and multi-jurisdictional enforcement campaigns.