Levelling up legal: tech-powered litigation distribution

7 Jun
16:00 - 17:30

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  • Scratching your head on how to book build cases?
  • Struggling to keep track of all your claimant data?
  • Suffering from inbox overload trying to manage everything over email?
  • Squinting through 6-eye checks for client account payments?
  • Synching and sorting nightmares trying to reconcile transactions?

For litigators experiencing challenges when managing multi-jurisdiction, multi-party, and high-value cases, we’re bringing you an interactive session that will give you access to the experts in legal technology who can help you solve your headaches and elevate case management and fund distribution in complex litigation.


  • Claire Van der Zant - Shieldpay
  • Clare Ducksbury - Case Pilots


  • Shieldpay
  • Case Pilots

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