Reconciling Data Intelligence with Human Judgement in Legal Decision Making

6 Jun
11:00 - 12:30

Member Hosted Events

Panel discussion at the Epiq Office, 110 Bishopsgate.

Innovations such as AI can be intoxicating in their promise, but it is not a replacement for human judgement.

Trial preparation involves a data layer—documents, media formats, data analysis, and patterns—that provides focused insights in the courtroom. However, justice is built on the human layer, with reason and empathy, but also bias.

As AI becomes more prevalent in the justice process, the interplay between human judgment and data insights is not something that runs on autopilot.

Our panelists will explore the fusion of human expertise and data analytics to navigate bias and complexity in decision-making processes.

Drawing from the realms of trial preparation and presentation, we’ll unveil the symbiotic relationship between human interpretation and data analytics, highlighting the interception of human and machine to reconcile data-driven insights.