War Stories in Arbitration – The What, When, How of Real-Life Stories from Arbitration Trials – From Arbitral appointments to Witness cross examination – We Discuss it All

5 Jun
09:00 - 10:30

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Arbitral appointments

  • Controversies, usefulness, and practical implications on the selection process adopted for appointments whether through databases or Courts or arbitral institutions.
  • How to address such controversies / concerns that might arise in the appointment process. 
  • Factors influencing the arbitral appointment process and what users, institutions and parties expect from arbitral tribunals.

Witness evidence and cross-examination

  • The process and art of preparing and presenting expert evidence; the qualities of a good / bad expert report; usefulness of opening presentation.
  • Cross examination best practices and war stories from arbitrations –from perspectives of arbitrators, experts and counsel. 
  • Innovative ideas or hype – joint reports and hot tubbing. How can they be helpful and when are they not?

Looking Ahead – How is the arbitral landscape changing?

  • How technology and virtual hearings have changed the game.
  • Lessons from various institutional rules and idiosyncrasies of various seats.
  • Key best practices to adopt from the point of view of experts to help better digest expert evidence. 

Top trends from 2024 - what everyone on the panel sees as prevailing trends – this will be from the point of view of the expert, the arbitrator, the counsel and the user of arbitration.



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