Sanctions, National Security and Commercial Disputes

6 Jun
14:00 - 15:30

Jurisdictions and global issues
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A panel discussion considering recent and upcoming litigation in relation to UK and global sanctions and national security issues, the impact of sanctions on commercial transactions (and the approach of the Court), and other commercial disputes with a national security 'twist'.

The panel will cover topics such as:

  • The changing face of sanctions in a post-Brexit world, with new global challenges in Ukraine and the Middle East;
  • Challenges to sanctions measures, including under Article 1 Protocol 1 to the ECHR: theory and practice;
  • The implications of the National Security and Investment Act 2021, and other executive powers, for commercial decision-making.
  • The use by the UK Executive of its foreign policy prerogative such as the power to recognise or derecognise Governments or Heads of State;
  • The use of exclusion orders and other immigration-related powers;
  • The impact of national and international regimes on commercial transactions and the Court’s approach to such cases;
  • The broader shadow of sanctions for third parties: a challenge to be navigated.


  • Rupert Paines - 11KBW
  • Amy Rogers KC - 11KBW
  • Jason Coppel KC - 11KBW
  • Leigh Crestohl - Zaiwalla & Co
  • Kartik Mittal - Zaiwalla & Co


  • Zaiwalla & Co
  • 11KBW